Booked Again!

There was this brief time when it looked like my work was slowing down …

It didn’t last. For years I’ve been telling my repair customers to expect a six week lead time before I could look at their stereo, and struggling to keep up with that. Then, over the last couple of months, I’ve managed to catch up just enough to reach that six week target and still have some time here and there to devote to those long-term projects¬† that are more a labor of love (because I can’t possibly charge for all the time it takes to finish!). But over this past week, I’ve taken in a ton of repair work.

Same way with my installation work and house calls. I was beginning to see some bare spots on my calendar, but not any more. Booked solid, two weeks out. It’s good to be in demand, up to a point. I only ask for your patience and understanding, there’s only one of me and I want to do every job as well as I can. And that takes time.

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