Are you one of those people who pays hundreds of $$ every year for cable or satellite service just so you can watch the local news and a few favorite broadcast TV programs? You might be a candidate for liberation!

Today I liberated a client from Charter cable by installing a simple rooftop antenna. Not one of those old school monstrosities with the long metal rods, just a simple little dish, less than a foot in diameter. Total cost for labor and materials was less than the cost of a year of cable TV service. When I was done, my client could get all the major networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox Entertainment – and all the sub-channels that are now being broadcast because of the extra bandwidth that digital TV affords. 29 channels in all!


Not everyone’s results are that good, but you can contact StereoMan with your physical address and I will let you know what is possible where you live. If it won’t work for you, I will recommend you stay with what you have. But if you’re in a good location, like my client today on Fairview Rd. in Oakley, I’d be delighted to provide the tools and skills to liberate you from your monthly TV bill!

House Calls



StereoMan does house calls!



Are you having trouble figuring out how to hook up that new home theater system? Having problems with your stereo system and you can?t figure out what needs to be repaired? Do you need service on a very heavy item that you don?t want to move? StereoMan is the man!





With a basic charge of $45 per hour, StereoMan offers whole house and home theater repair and installation services at very competitive rates. Or maybe you’re just too busy to bring in your car to have the stereo taken care of, and just want someone who can meet you at your home/workplace. If you need on site work done at your home or business, StereoMan’s travel charge is a very reasonable $10 for the first 5 miles (covers most of Asheville proper) and $2.00 per mile thereafter.





When it comes to background music in your office or place of business, StereoMan is the man! For the same competitive rates, StereoMan will install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair your background music or public address system. Among StereoMan’s commercial clients are: Open Door and Street Fair, French Broad Food Co-op, Asheville Pizza and Brewing, R. O. Franks Aviation,
WALK, Standard Pizza, LaZoom Tours, Gray Line Tours, Sante Wine Bar, Davis Furniture Warehouse.