Amplifier and Receiver Repair


With a basic charge of $45 per hour, StereoMan offers repair services at very competitive rates.


Most common problems with amps and receivers can be repaired for less than $70. When a more expensive repair is indicated, StereoMan will give you guidance as to whether replacement would be more sensible. StereoMan’s minimum charge for diagnosis and exact cost quotation is always just $25.




CD Players and Turntables



Are turntables a relic of the past? Not so! With all the changes in sound reproduction technology of the past decade, StereoMan still repairs as many turntables today as he did ten years ago. Maybe more!

StereoMan can replace your turntable drive belt or worn out stylus (needle) for less than the retail price of either item! If your turntable needs service, StereoMan can perform cleaning, lubrication, tension and speed adjustment, balancing, and drive wheel resurfacing as needed ? always under $60!




Most CD problems are caused by a dirty laser lens. In almost all cases, the laser can be cleaned for $25-$30. Even if the laser has to be replaced, in many cases it is a cost-effective repair, with the most common lasers priced at under $20 and the labor to replace them consistently $40 or less.

StereoMan can also help you find a reliable used CD player or turntable that will last far longer than the currently available new models.