Coping With the Endless Pandemic

published Sep 12, 2020

Six months into the COVID pandemic, and my business has changed completely. I am no longer doing any car stereo work, my in-home and commercial work is severely limited by safety considerations, and I am taking in bench repairs by appointment only. Good thing I was planning to cut back on my work load this year!

I wasn’t intending to be forced into cutback, but here we are, and I count myself far more fortunate than many people I know – and don’t know – who are in deep financial trouble or even down and out due to the virus. Not to mention those who have personally suffered, or have loved ones who have suffered, from this horrible disease.

If you have equipment in need of repair, please call me at 828-775-5905 for an appointment. Please be assured that we will be conducting our transaction in the parking lot if you show up without proper face covering. In the meantime, please pray for, lift up, think good thoughts, send healing beams, or whatever you do for all the folks who live among us who have been impacted by COVID-19. It’s a long way from over.

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