The End Of an Era

published July 18, 2020

When the COVID pandemic began to infiltrate our region, StereoMan took a hiatus from automotive work due to the inherent risks associated with getting into other people’s vehicles. The intention was to return to this work once the pandemic was under control and life returned to normal. But here we are, four months later, and the situation continues to deteriorate, with ever-growing numbers of victims, overcrowded hospitals, and tragic deaths, and no end in sight. I cannot in good faith and clear conscience resume this kind of work under these circumstances, or predict when I might be able to. And I cannot pretend to be a 12 Volt shop if I am not offering 12 Volt services.

And so, after twenty years of auto sound sales and installation, I have reluctantly decided to end this aspect of my StereoMan business. I will continue to offer bench repairs for home stereo and home theater components for the foreseeable future, with all customer interactions by appointment, facial covering for safety, and observing proper “social distancing” at all times.

Thanks to everyone who has been a faithful customer over the years, for all the positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals!

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