StereoMan Scores With Mercedes SUV

This has been the Year of the Mercedes for StereoMan – five so far! And though each has been challenging in some way, all have come out well. Today’s ML350 was no exception.

The customer had done some preliminary research and was told that an aftermarket radio “wouldn’t work”, so he called StereoMan to see if that was true. Apparently it was. A lot of modifications would have to be made, both in fit and wiring, so the customer was given a $200+ estimate, which he approved. As it turned out, the job went super smoothly and came out super nice. Final charge was $104, parts and labor. Customer gave me permission to post this email:

We have a 2003 Mercedes ML350, that the radio finally died. Well in checking for replacement radios…there was NOTHING that would replace the stock unit. I called “StereoMan” and his knowledge about the audio systems was impressive. Steve also could not find any product to replace my radio…but after research, advised me of radios that he found that he could custom fit to my car.

I ordered one of the radios and had Steve install the unit. The final product looks better than the original! His charge for the install was even lower because he said he didn’t run into any problems. Quality work from a very honest man. I highly recommend Steve for any audio work/problem you may have. He worked magic for us!



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