StereoMan Solves Mystery Of the Missing Dialogue

A retired couple moved into a new home with a dedicated theater room, but found to their dismay that when watching movies in their new theater, the dialogue was incomprehensible. What could be wrong? It sounded fine when watching regular broadcast programs.

After having called on several other home theater specialists, and spending several hundred dollars to no avail, they found StereoMan. It took ten minutes to diagnose the problem, maybe twenty to explain it to the customer: their home theater receiver had a defective decoder, and was scrambling the center channel signal – where almost all of the dialogue comes from. StereoMan explained the pro’s and con’s of repair versus replacement and the customer opted to replace.

A week later, the new receiver was installed and calibrated for the theater room. As an added bonus, StereoMan brought along a Blu Ray player, suspecting that the wi-fi signal might not be as weak as they thought it was. He was right, and so he finished the job with a properly working receiver, clear dialogue, and internet streaming to boot!

Here’s what the customer had to say about StereoMan’s work:

We?ve really been enjoying our media room since you performed your magic. The sound (formerly so awful) now is just perfect, so easy to hear and understand. After all the work we had done, and after all the many ?experts? trying to fix things, we?re both so glad we finally found you.

“You really have a fine talent, and you use it well.

“Many thanks.

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