StereoMan’s Motivations

StereoMan delights in the mental challenges as well as the craft of repair, and the pleasure of working in a situation that requires him to listen to music constantly. He derives great satisfaction from knowing that his work is providing lasting enjoyment to his clientele. And just as importantly, Steve takes his environmental stewardship very seriously, making every effort to keep perfectly good equipment out of the landfill.

StereoMan loves problem solving, whether it’s troubleshooting a broken stereo component or designing a home entertainment system. He enjoys meeting new people and through his clients hearing music he hasn’t heard before. It’s great fun getting to know someone and sharing the richness of our experiences.

In the end, we all do our work to make money so we can pay our bills and – if we’re fortunate – enjoy the finer things in life. What a blessing it is when one’s work is also one’s joy!

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