Three Boses

Boses. Rhymes with “noses.”

I started repairing Boses 20-some years ago, despite the fact that Bose does not in any way support field repair of their expensive tabletop units. Over the years I’ve had some success, enough that Bose recommends my work, but I still advise potential customers there’s a 50-50 chance I won’t be able to complete the repair – for example if an unusual part is required that might not be available from a regular parts vendor. Or if I can’t figure out what’s wrong without a service manual.

So I’m just a little surprised that I’ve been able to successfully repair three out of three Boses in the past week. One mechanical issue, one faulty interconnect, one laser cleaning. Three Boses. There’s a fourth one waiting for me. Will I stretch my streak? Tune in next week for the next Bose.

Rhymes with “who knows?”

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