New Hours

Due to change in personnel, StereoMan has changed his hours. The shop will be open Tue, Thu, and Sat from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Other hours available by appointment.

Who Is StereoMan?

Steve Livingston is StereoMan. Steve has over thirty-five years of experience in electronics repair including more than twenty years in consumer audio and video. Among the services Steve provides are:


    • home theater installation
    • car stereo installation
    • home theater and stereo repair
    • computer installation
    • computer repair
    • computer tutoring

Steve can also help you obtain good quality audio and video components at competitive prices. And for your convenience, StereoMan makes house calls throughout the region!

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What experience does StereoMan have?

Why does Stereoman do this work?

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Located at 33 London Rd. Asheville NC 28803

it has come to our attention that some GPS systems direct you to our across the street neighbor, RB Gas Co. We’re in the little red brick bldg in the hidden side of the curve.

Where is StereoMan?

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What’s the Catch?

This morning I took a call from a fellow trying to add an AUX jack to his Golf GTI, but he couldn’t get the radio out of the dash. He had bought the right tools to get it out: four flat metal spears that are supposed to release a spring clip in each corner of the stereo that grabs a metal bracket inside the dash. I told him I’d give it a go if he could come by later in the day, so he showed up at 4:30 as planned.

I tried releasing it with my own tools first, working from the passenger seat while he observed from the driver’s seat. He said my tools seemed to be made of better quality than the ones he got from Amazon, but that didn’t matter a bit. I could feel that they were not releasing the spring clips. Could we maybe take the dash apart? He said he had seen youtubes, and it wasn’t easy. “It starts all the way back here,” he said, pointing behind us.

He asked if I had experience removing the front cover from the radio in order to get to the clips. I had, several times in the past, had to do that, but in those cases I was putting in a new stereo so didn’t have to worry about what if something got broken or defaced. But I had had a good day and was feeling extra confident, so I said I could do it with minimal damage.

He was OK with that, so I removed the two tiny screws on the bottom of the faceplate and ver-r-r-r-y slowly and patiently massaged it off of the radio, one by one releasing the plastic clips holding it to the frame of the radio. I got it off with no damage at all, and then the spring clips were exposed from the front, where I could manipulate them with a small screwdriver as well as the removal tool.

Even then it took a lot of effort, and an extra hand from the customer, to wrestle the stereo out, but it finally gave way. I could see why it took so much effort to get it out. The spring clips were bent. No way the removal tool alone would release them.


It’s Official!!!


We’re Asheville’s Local






We now offer an expanded line of Pioneer products at prices that rival the Big Box Stores! Call or come by and see what we can do for your ride!


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A Warm Thanks!

Gratitude to our landlord (and building manager) Kelly Houser, owner of Houser Construction, for the newly installed heat pump! He quickly and appropriately addressed our heating needs when we found that our oil furnace was kaput, and instead of f>rting around with a hopeless cause, he immediately got us a wall-mounted high-efficiency unit that will warm us through the winter, and as a bonus keep us cool in the summer. Any of you who visited us last summer know what a bonus that is!

Thanks, Kelly!

StereoMan Is Asheville Home Grown!

Once again this year, StereoMan is participating in Asheville Home Grown, the “Go Local” movement that connects the people of our Asheville region with locally produced goods and services.

Each year, Asheville Home Grown produces a booklet containing dozens of coupons offering significant savings at local businesses. We encourage you to buy the booklet and use as many of the coupons as you can! Our coupon offers a 15% savings on a car stereo install or on a home theater or whole house sound consultation.

Asheville Home Grown Website

Thanks From Another Happy Customer

I love to get snail mail when it’s personal – don’t you? Especially an unexpected thank you note. It’s better than free dessert, I think!


Scheduling Service

updated 3/2/2015

StereoMan provides in-home service and car stereo installation by appointment throughout the Asheville area, Tuesday through Saturday. Backlog for appointments is often a week or more, and bench backlog is currently three weeks. Please call to schedule your car or in-home service. Car stereo walk-in’s are welcome but be aware that wait time can be lengthy. If you have equipment to drop off for repair, our door is open Tue-Sat 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please be prepared to make a $25 deposit on all repair items, that is my minimum bench charge. For your convenience we accept all major credit cards.


Noise canceling: follow-up

I posted about a strange feedback problem we encountered with our new Scosche subwoofer in a 2014 Honda Accord that turned out to be caused by a “noise canceling” system in the car, and promised a follow-up. Well, here it is. The customer came back, we disconnected the factory noise canceling system, and the customer was very happy with the work and with our Scosche product. So are we!

For $295 installed, it’s hard to beat this woofer. It’s compact, powerful enough for most people if you’re not into competition or brain damage, and musical enough to fill in the low bass that’s lacking from most car systems. I hope we can continue to offer it at this price point!

StereoMan now accepts credit cards

We’re all set up to make your installation and service purchases easier to manage. We can now accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards for all installation and repair charges.