Car Stereo for the Holidays

No, I’m not going to advertise a big sale. StereoMan charges the most competitive price possible for all car stereo products, always. Every day’s a Holiday with StereoMan!

StereoMan’s schedule is now booked through 12/17, with a couple of slots remaining on the 15th. That means if you want your new car stereo installed before the end of the year, you’d better book your appointment asap! Remember, car stereo installs are on Tue, Thu, and Sat, and StereoMan will be open on the 24th.

Who Is StereoMan?

Steve Livingston is StereoMan. Steve has over thirty-five years of experience in electronics repair including more than twenty years in consumer audio and video. Among the services Steve provides are:


    • home theater installation
    • car stereo installation
    • home theater and stereo repair
    • computer installation
    • computer repair
    • computer tutoring

Steve can also help you obtain good quality audio and video components at competitive prices. And for your convenience, StereoMan makes house calls throughout the region!

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What experience does StereoMan have?

Why does Stereoman do this work?

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Located at 33 London Rd. Asheville NC 28803

it has come to our attention that some GPS systems direct you to our across the street neighbor, RB Gas Co. We’re in the little red brick bldg in the hidden side of the curve.

Where is StereoMan?

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It’s Official!!!


We’re Asheville’s Local






We now offer an expanded line of Pioneer products at prices that rival the Big Box Stores! Call or come by and see what we can do for your ride!


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Punctuality Redux

StereoMan strives to provide the maximum convenience for his customers by scheduling appointments for all in-car and in-home work. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call in advance and we can reschedule for another time.

Recently I had to reschedule an appointment for a rear view camera because I had not allotted sufficient time to finish the work. Normally three hours would have been adequate, but when the customer came in I recognized the product and, recalling how difficult a previous installation of this product had been, I asked him if he would mind rescheduling when I could provide a longer time frame. I explained to him what the difficulties were with the product, and with profuse apologies offered him another appointment, for five hours instead of three. I offered to hold his equipment until the appointed day and time, which he accepted.

Unfortunately when the time came for his rescheduled appointment, he did not show up until two hours later. He told me he had left me a voice mail explaining the delay, and I said I understood, and again with profuse apologies explained that the remaining time frame was not sufficient to complete the work. We’d have to reschedule again. He said he couldn’t believe it would take that long to do the work, and I said I understood, but that was why we had rescheduled in the first place, and I was not willing to take his car apart if there wasn’t enough time to put it back together before the end of the day.

When could I do the work? I checked my calendar. My next available five hour slot was more than a week away. He was not willing to wait that long. He asked for his equipment back, and I complied, again with apologies for not being able to accommodate him after he’d shown up two hours late. I hate losing the business and even worse leaving a potential client with bad feelings toward me, but how much worse if I had taken his brand new Audi apart and not had it ready for him at the end of the day?

StereoMan Is Asheville Home Grown!

Once again this year, StereoMan is participating in Asheville Home Grown, the “Go Local” movement that connects the people of our Asheville region with locally produced goods and services.

Each year, Asheville Home Grown produces a booklet containing dozens of coupons offering significant savings at local businesses. We encourage you to buy the booklet and use as many of the coupons as you can! Our coupon offers a 15% savings on a car stereo install or on a home theater or whole house sound consultation.

Asheville Home Grown Website

Scheduling Service

updated 3/2/2015

StereoMan provides in-home service and car stereo installation by appointment throughout the Asheville area, Tuesday through Saturday. Backlog for appointments is often a week or more, and bench backlog is currently three weeks. Please call to schedule your car or in-home service. Car stereo walk-in’s are welcome but be aware that wait time can be lengthy. If you have equipment to drop off for repair, our door is open Tue, Thu, and Sat 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please be prepared to make a $25 deposit on all repair items, that is my minimum bench charge. For your convenience we accept all major credit cards.


StereoMan’s Rates

StereoMan’s labor rate is a mere $44.86 per hour! Most car stereos can be installed in one hour. Routine maintenance and repair of stereo components typically runs in the $30 to $75 range. If it’s going to be more, you’ll get a call first!

Despite having to increase his travel rate due to ever-higher prices at the pump, StereoMan’s travel charge is still a very reasonable $10 for the first 5 miles (one way) and $2.00 per mile thereafter.



Sold on eBay: Pioneer SX-850 Receiver

Pioneer SX-850 Receiver Quite Nearly Perfect!



StereoMan listed this near mint condition Pioneer SX-850 receiver on 10/13/2011. This beautiful specimen went for $326, about 10% higher than the highest price usually fetched for this model.


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Sold on eBay

Classic Sansui Z9000X 130WPC Receiver – Outstanding Specimen


StereoMan sold this classic Sansui Z9000X receiver on eBay for $185.









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StereoMan now offering . . .





Cube Speakers!


StereoMan has located a cube speaker that looks just like the famous Bose cube, but sound better and cost less! Granted, that’s not saying much, but if you like the Bose cubes, you’ll loves these Pure Resonance cubes. Especially at $130 a pair!