Who Is StereoMan?

Steve Livingston is StereoMan. Steve has over thirty-five years of experience in electronics repair including more than twenty years in consumer audio and video. Among the services Steve provides are:


    • home theater installation
    • car stereo installation
    • home theater and stereo repair
    • computer installation
    • computer repair
    • computer tutoring

Steve can also help you obtain good quality audio and video components at competitive prices. And for your convenience, StereoMan makes house calls throughout the region!

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Where is StereoMan?

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Thanks From Another Happy Customer

I love to get snail mail when it’s personal – don’t you? Especially an unexpected thank you note. It’s better than free dessert, I think!


Scheduling Service

updated 7/25/2014

StereoMan provides in-home service and car stereo installation by appointment throughout the Asheville area, Tuesday through Saturday. Backlog for appointments is often a week or more, and bench backlog is currently four weeks. Please call to schedule your car or in-home service. Car stereo walk-in’s are welcome but be aware that wait time can be lengthy. If you have equipment to drop off for repair, our store is now open Tue-Sat 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please be prepared to make a $25 deposit on all repair items, that is my minimum bench charge. For your convenience we accept all major credit cards.


Noise Canceling Makes a Big Noise

It took a lot of hours of head scratching but we learned something new and confirmed that our new Scosche subwoofer truly rocks the house. Daniel installed one in the trunk of a 2014 Honda Accord the other day. The install came out very nice and clean, and when he fired it up and put on some trance music, it was a moving experience indeed. But then he began to experience some serious acoustical feedback that seemed to be independent of the music, in fact it even occurred when the stereo was turned off! And somehow, it would stop instantly whenever a door was opened.

We sought some kind of explanation related to the way it was installed: a bad connection somewhere, input lines out of phase or too hot, we considered the possibility that the woofer was simply defective and put in another one, but it did exactly the same thing. Finally, as it was getting late, and our customer was going out of town the next day and needed to get the car ready, we took out the Scosche and put in a weaker woofer so they could be on their way with at least some kind of low end.

Next day, we did some serious googling and found the answer. The car is equipped with a “noise canceling” system, with a mic in the back of the passenger area, that amplifies ambient noise and plays it back in reverse polarity through the rear speakers. Perfect for creating feedback with a thumping woofer! The solution, according to the Honda technician, is to disconnect the noise canceling module in the center console.

When our customer gets back next week, we’ll see how that works out. We’d love to sell him the Scosche woofer – he was really impressed!

Now Offering: Double Din Radio by Nakamichi

It’s big. It’s bad. It has all the bells and whistles.

Nakamichi NA788     $250 installed*



So you want to replace your Double Din (4 inch high) factory radio with a more modern stereo with built in Bluetooth, Aux input, front & rear USB support, and steering wheel control capability. But you don’t want the inconvenience of little tiny buttons and a hard-to-read display. Well, here’s the answer to your needs.
Nakamichi has been building first-quality stereo equipment for generations, and now has entered the car audio field with some fine budget-minded offerings. The NA788 sports all of the features listed above, plus three sets of pre-outs, direct control of your iPod/iPhone, and RDS. Plus it’s built on a titanium chassis for lighter weight and greater durability.
All this for only $250 installed*!
*installation cost will be higher on some vehicles if a special wiring adapter or dash kit is required. StereoMan will always inform you in advance of any additional cost.

We’ll be closed on July 26

Summer is in full swing and we’re taking a long weekend to find a secluded mountain stream and cool our heels. Be sure to check out our outdoor blog!

Hiking In Stereo

Low On Inventory

A problem every stereo shop dreads AND celebrates! We’ve been so busy installing new stereos and speakers, we’re running low on inventory!

Truth be known, we have enough of almost everything, except . . .

Our Pioneer supplier inexplicably delayed our last order by four days. We are now out of our Bluetooth model. We’ll be getting that order on Monday the 21st, they promised. So we’ll be good to go next week.

Our Nakamichi supplier has been inundated with orders for their terrific, inexpensive speaker products. We’re out of the low cost 6.5s, so we’ll be providing the higher level product at a $10 discount until we can get some more.

We love our customers! And we thank you for helping to make our business successful. We’re doing everything we can to assure you get the products and services you want!

StereoMan now accepts credit cards

We’re all set up to make your installation and service purchases easier to manage. We can now accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards for all installation and repair charges.

Now Offering: Nakamichi NGTD600.1 mono amp

StereoMan gets a lot of requests for a top quality, reasonably priced monoblock amp. Here’s one that’s sure to please!


The Nakamichi NGDT600.1 is a one-ohm stable Class D amp rated at 600WRMS (500WRMS into a 2 ohm load) – plenty enough power to overwhelm your passengers and make your presence known three blocks away.


With remote level control, adjustable bass boost, low pass and subsonic filters, this amp provides all the control you need. Nakamichi build quality assures years of trouble free operation. And like all Class D amps, it’s amazingly efficient, requiring only a 60amp fuse and an 8ga primary wire, and has a tiny 8 1/4 x 9 1/2 inch footprint. Easily fits under (or behind) any seat!

StereoMan’s price on this amp is $284 installed in most cars, including the wire kit.

NEW! Install Prices Posted!

After much thought and deliberation, the StereoMan & Son team figured out a way to present installation prices that is not too terribly confusing. Or so we hope! Please do check it out if you’re looking for car stereo work and see if it help you. Or not. And let us know.

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