Scheduling Service

updated 4/21/2014

StereoMan provides in-home and car stereo service throughout the Asheville area, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Earlier or later hours are often available by appointment. Backlog for installs and service calls is generally a week or more, and bench backlog three weeks. Please call to schedule your car or in-home service. StereoMan is currently booking Tue through Sat, Apr 29 to May 3 for installs and service calls. If you have equipment to drop off for repair, please call before you come by to find out when StereoMan will be available.


NEW! Install Prices Posted!

After much thought and deliberation, the StereoMan & Son team figured out a way to present installation prices that is not too terribly confusing. Or so we hope! Please do check it out if you’re looking for car stereo work and see if it help you. Or not. And let us know.

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Coming Soon: StereoMan & Son Go To London!

It’s the biggest event in StereoMan’s history! StereoMan welcomes his son Daniel to the car stereo business and opens a storefront location at 33 London Road, just outside of Biltmore Village. Stay tuned for further developments!


Who Is StereoMan?

Steve Livingston is StereoMan. Steve has over thirty-five years of experience in electronics repair including more than twenty years in consumer audio and video. Among the services Steve provides are:


    • home theater installation
    • car stereo installation
    • home theater and stereo repair
    • computer installation
    • computer repair
    • computer tutoring

Steve can also help you obtain good quality audio and video components at competitive prices. And for your convenience, StereoMan makes house calls throughout the region!

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What experience does StereoMan have?

Why does Stereoman do this work?

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Where is StereoMan?

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StereoMan has Pioneer car stereo at great prices!


Pioneer AM/FM/CD with Aux jack for $120 installed!*
Pioneer AM/FM/CD with IOS/Android control AND Aux jack for $150 installed!*
Pioneer Am/FM/CD with Bluetooth AND IOS/Android control AND Aux jack for $189 installed!*


StereoMan stocks three great Pioneer car stereo products, at very competitive prices! Why take chances ordering on the internet when you can get everything you need and have it installed all in one place?


It’s just like that box store, only better, because it’s not a box store – it’s StereoMan!

Call or email StereoMan to schedule your installation appointment. Typical backlog is 5-7 working days. Tell StereoMan the year, make, and model of your car, and he’ll do the rest!


Get just what you need at a great price, directly from StereoMan!

StereoMan is pleased to offer a Pioneer Bluetooth model at an incredibly competitive price! This model boasts not only the features listed above, but is also steering wheel control ready, has a 5-band EQ, a 35% larger LCD display, an SD card reader, and electronic shock protection.

All this for $189 installed! That’s the total price for the head unit, trim kit, wiring adapter, tax and labor.*

* A few cars are slightly higher due to cost of special trim kit or wire harness. StereoMan will always let you know in advance if there is any additional cost. A few cars don’t require a trim kit, and in that case StereoMan will charge you less!


StereoMan Now Offering: American Bass





Car Speakers by
American Bass





American Bass is renowned for competition products, and offers a complete line of top-quality speakers and amplifiers. All of their speakers feature a woven fiber woofer with butyl surround and a ferro-fluid cooled aimable swivel tweeter.

American Bass prohibits sale of their products online. StereoMan is pleased to offer these products to his local customers. Six most popular speaker sizes in stock: 3″, 4″, 5.25″, 6.5″, 5×7, and 6×9″. Click here for additional pricing!

StereoMan can still obtain speakers by Polk Audio at very competitive prices, but encourages you to consider the American Bass as an alternative in the same price range, but with better features and spec’s, and comparable sound.

Get just what you need at a great price, directly from StereoMan!
* A few cars are slightly higher due to cost of special trim kit or additional labor to disassemble the rear deck, dashboard, or door panels.


Now scheduling Saturdays!

StereoMan has changed his schedule to better fit yours! StereoMan now works on Saturdays and takes Mondays off instead. Be sure to call in advance to make an appointment for service, just like any other day. I’d love to say “drop ins are welcome” but honestly, it’s an inconvenience to my customer who already has an appointment, and it may be an inconvenience to you, if I’m out on service call when you decide to drop by.

StereoMan’s Rates

StereoMan’s labor rate is a mere $45 per hour! Most car stereos can be installed for a charge of $40. Routine maintenance and repair of stereo components typically runs in the $30 to $60 range. If it’s going to be more, you’ll get a call first!

Despite having to increase his travel rate due to ever-higher prices at the pump, StereoMan’s travel charge is still a very reasonable $10 for the first 5 miles (one way) and $2.00 per mile thereafter.



Note From a Happy Customer

StereoMan installed a complete home theater in an 8×10 room, with 5.1 channel Marantz receiver, Sony blu-ray and 32 inch LED TV, and a Charter cable box all nestled in a 30x30x16 inch bookshelf, plus 5 speakers and subwoofer. Customer was quite pleased, as the note attests.


name blocked out to protect customer’s privacy



StereoMan Raises – AND Lowers – Travel Rates


The high cost of fuel – and higher cost of maintaining a much larger, more useful vehicle – presented a dilemma for StereoMan: how to cover the cost of travel yet keep his service call charge as affordable as possible.

After much thought, divination, tearing out of hair, and pacing back and forth utilizing a particularly silly walk, the answer came in a (thankfully, temporarily) blinding flash! Yes, it would be necessary to raise the mileage rate to $2, but why not reduce the minimum?

And so, StereoMan is delighted to offer a new, increased but reduced mileage rate: $2 per mile but with a 5 mile minimum instead of 10! Since he is conveniently located right in the middle of town, there are a lot of nearby places where the trip charge is significantly reduced: anywhere near downtown, or Beaverdam, West Asheville, Biltmore, Oakley . . . all now qualify for a $10 service call charge instead of $15! Even if you’re a little farther out, say, 7 miles instead of 5, your rate is lower. And if not, $2 a mile is still very reasonable by today’s standards.

If you need in-home – or at-work – service, StereoMan is still the man!